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Electrical ​Services


  • New Construction

  • Renovations – small and large

  • Connecting Solar Installations

  • Service calls –

    • Troubleshooting wiring issues (switches / lights not working, breakers / fuses blowing)

    • Installing new lighting (recessed lighting, ceiling fans, dimmer switches, etc.)

    • Upgrading electrical service

      • Replacing old fuse panels to breaker panels

      • Increase home’s electrical service to accommodate new heating systems, hot tubs, etc.

    • Home inspection corrections


  • New Construction

  • Up-fits – small and large

  • Renovation / Restorations

  • Property Management Electrical Maintenance and Service

  • Service calls –

    • Repairing fluorescent lighting – inside and outside

    • Repairing site lighting – mounted on buildings and in parking lots

    • Upgrading lighting to energy-efficient LED lighting

    • Installing new power outlets when new equipment is installed

    • Supplying power and connecting new equipment

    • Fire Marshal corrections

      • Repairing / replacing emergency and exit lighting

      • Installing additional outlets to eliminate the need of extension cords

      • Installing motion sensor switching to help lower power consumption in corridors, bathrooms, boardrooms, etc.

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